2 Better Egg Beaters

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Wanting to Make Delicious Omelettes or Pancakes ?
You whip and beat as much as you can, but only to hurt your wrist ?

There has to be a better way - And there is !

This better beater whips cream in seconds!
Beats, blends, mixes and emulsifies for brownies, cakes and much more ....

It does 10x the whipping of an ordinary whip !
It's 10x easier, 10x faster, that's 10x better !

SAVE time !
Save energy !
Save the clean up !

MAKE fluffy eggs right In the pan !
Smoothies right in the glass !
And gravy right in the roaster !

It just won't scratch !

NOW you make delicious dips !
Dynamite dressings !
Sensational sauces !
All with this one fast & easy kitchen tool !

- Stainless steel
- 1Set = 2 Better Beaters
- Size (l/d): 6.5/2in  (16.5/5.5cm)
- Dishwasher safe for easy cleaning
- Fair shipping price:  $4.00/set

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And make life in your kitchen much easier ....

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